Sunday, September 26, 2010

a whole lotta booooooks

Friday morning I got up in the predawn hours, donned my bestest 'kick-ass sale' attire (redback boots, stretchy pants, loose top, manic expression) and headed over the hills and far away (well, over the Brown Mountain to Canberra - around 250km or a 3hr drive away)

It was time for the biannual Lifeline Book Fair


Here's (part of) the haul this time......

Ahhh - I love the Book Fair! (ahhh I love the bigger hauling power of my new-old Subaru Forester!)

This time I think I snaffled the entire collection of old Readers Digest atlases..... got a few old bird/plant/shell books, Children's Brittanica, a hardback series on Australian gardening and loads more..... the kiddies were chuffed with a great newish set of childcraft encyclopaedias (with great colourful covers - just the thing for the school holidays that are now upon us at Sams Creek)

I looked longingly at a 1890s set of Encyclopaedia Brittanica...... but it was worth more than my entire haul!


This bookfair closes today... and the next one is March 2011...... (I'm dreaming new booky dreams already)


  1. By "books" I take it you mean cut-up pages, recovered covers, marbled/stained/folded and generally Ronnie-ised?
    Looking forward...

  2. You do know that if you wait for Sunday afternoon you can get a whole bag of books for a silly amount of money? (assuming they're still doing it with the new version bookfair...)

  3. hello there mzzz sherpa! - yes a little birdie (ampersand duckie) mentioned to me that sunday is BARGAIN day at the fair.... but that assumes that I have the necessary self-control to WAIT until sunday.... oh no.... I'm there first thing on the first morn!

    (I must say I'm not perturbed handing over the funds to a worthy cause like Lifeline.... better them than the tax dept!)

  4. look forward to seeing what they become.

  5. Oh yeah! The Life line book fairs are great!!

  6. Well done Ronnie - I love a good community book sale and I think Lifeline are the best


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx