Saturday, June 5, 2010

living artist art auction

next weekend will be a biggo one - its time for the annual f.s.c living artist art auction - this year for the first time it will be held in Bermagui and I've somehow (?) been roped into a volunteer role (how does this happen I want to know!)

so I've been doing all manner of weird and wonderful things - last minute calligraphic bits and bobs.... volunteering poor FP for jobs he is SOOOO looking forward to..... setting up the fsclap blog and fb page.... preparing to create chalkboard artistic wonders....(don't ask) AND of course I've donated a piece for the art auction night (geez but I can't tell you how stressful it was trying to figure out WHAT to donate.... as I can't envisage a market for ANYTHING much that I'm presently making.....)

I decided to offer this....

it's 'Navigo' - a photographic print (from a series of 10) and its approx 45 x 60cm

now not everyone can make it to beautiful Bermagui next w.e. - but EVERYONE can participate in the art auction by registering as an absentee bidder (you know the drill - you sent in your highest bid prior to the auction and if luck is with you - you claim the prize) - if you email **info[at]** some shiny happy person will help you on your way! (oh and if you go to the fsclap website you can download the draft catalogue - it's a work in progress right now - but it will give you an idea of some of the lovelies on offer...... go on - I dare you to resist temptation!)

well - I've got to go to handwrite about 150 bidders cards right now (I am SURE I can't remember volunteering to do this... I SWEAR!!!!)

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  1. i don't think i will get there ronnie so all the best. you are a wonder doing all that you do and this as well. look after yourself!


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