Thursday, May 27, 2010

why kids are fantastic

Reason number four billion and twenty seven why having your own kidlins is fantastic.....

they make SPECTACULAR (free!!!!!) studio assistants!

Here's my Sassy boy throwing books into the little (rain water) stream next to our bush....

... and it's not just that he can chuck the books into the water just right
(ahhhh the undefeated discus champion).....

... he can then run full pelt over slippery rocks and up a muddy hill
(ahhhh that's my champion cross country runner) to get out of shot.....

....and what's more he's willing to throw and fetch and throw and fetch
(over and over again)

Now who wouldn't go through childbirth for that!

meantime my darling EJ goes on a nature hunt......

.... and found this little froggy between some rocks
(it's no bigger than a man's thumbnail) - what eagle eyes she has!

I love creating things it's true -
but our two kidlins are without doubt the greatest creation I'll have take part in.....


  1. thanks for reminding me of how energising they can be. mine have become crabby working adults like the rest of us. what a shame.

  2. I can see what a great help kids might be with an activity like this - especially as they are probably the only studio assistants unlikely to think their mum is BARKING MAD for wanting to throw books in the creek, in the first place!?!

  3. Well, unless you're going to show-and-tell us exactly what and why, then I'm with Amanda - you are barking mad!
    (says she who is currently doing very harsh things to an old encyclopaedia.)

  4. my kidlins think what I do is perfectly normal and natural.... indeed they are sure that ALL artists go about setting books on fire or chucking them into the creek....

    in fact my boyo is very supportive of anything that gives him permission to go splashing about in the water!

    (I'll show a little more of what I'm up to in the next while.... it's very much germinating work at the moment.... so it will take a while to see how I feel about it...)

  5. Ha!ha! Germinating work! Now I get it! You're hoping to sprout a book tree?


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