Saturday, February 27, 2010

book art object peek


I've finally finished - and better still - posted out my small Book Art Object edition to all other BAO folk

here's a wee piccie of the front - I'll show what's inside and chat at little about the making and thinking of the edition after I'm sure everyone has received their little book (I hope Oz Post is its usual reliable self).

I've got sooooo many things completing for my attention right now.

In only 6 days (eeeeek) I have to finish 2 largish sculptural pieces (eeeek) for Sculpture on the Edge which opens next Friday - March 5 (eeeek) in Bermagui. I've yet to finish a large piece (eeeek), which will be similar to my previous work 'ex libris', and will be displayed up on the headland of Bermagui (a fantastic site for all the sculptural works). I've also been asked to make an ephemeral fire piece especially for the opening night (which of course I haven't started yet - eeeeek!)

I'll also be taking 2 smaller works - 'ars gratia artis' and 'serpens volumen' - that will be exhibited at the small sculpture show (nice and safe inside) 

If you are travelling along the glorious far south coast during the first bit of March, Sculpture on the Edge will open with fire festivities March 5 and runs until March 14. I promise I'll show some happy snaps after I have my scheduled nervous breakdown just prior to setting up time next Friday!


  1. Hi ronnie, got your/my book yesterday afternoon. It is beautiful. Thankyou. Goodluck getting everything done this week. I won't be able to make the opening but hopefully will get to bermi for a look over the weekend. Thanks again for your wonderful book. Hopefully mine will be in the post soon. cheers Jane A

  2. Hi Ronnie, I'm so excited and promise to check my PO box on Monday! Know what you mean about pre-show nervous breakdown but I'm sure you'll get it all done. Mine is a bit further away but am starting to panic! I'll let you know when my copy arrives, Sara x

  3. thanks jane and sara - I would really appreciate learning that all my books have made it to their destination (I think I forgot to add a note inside the parcel to that effect ...?) so I'm having nervous breakdowns in all directions!


    (and what's that hint about a future show sara? oooooo you've got me intrigued - and taken my mind off my problems)

  4. Hi Ronnie,
    Well it's been pouring down here for over 24 hours and yesterday I didn't make it out to the letter-box. Imagine my horror when I saw a tuff envelope sticking out with one sodden end...with sinking heart I opened the box and saw my name in beautiful black calligraphy ink...shit,shit,shit, I ranted to the neighbours and the crows and anyone else in earshot...but thank heavens the postie had actually just left it a couple of minutes earlier (I think) as only the bit sticking out was wet and your beautiful book was safe and dry inside. And breathtaking. Such beautiful materials. Such a quiet work. So lovely to sit with. Thank-you so much. I'm honoured to own a copy.
    Amanda xox

  5. P.S. Good luck with everything on your plate!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx