Friday, January 29, 2010

learning absences...

 Our wee girl child started her very firstest day at kindergarten this morning .... she is our baby and so whilst I was thrilled that she was up and got herself into her brand new uniform at 6.30am this morning ("ready mumma - can we go now?") fairly gagging to start school - I came home from dropping her off ("see you mumma - you can go now" as soon as we got through the gate) less thrilled by her absence...

so I spent the day working and reworking (and reworking) lettering for my booky edition as part of book*art*object project


I've long loved the meditative process of calligraphic practice - letters/ words get into your muscle memory and your body seems to absorb a piece of poetry through the repeated practice. It seemed so fitting that I spent today writing out the words of Rosemary Dobson's poem - Learning Absences....


well it's almost time for me to go collect my girlie ("can I catch the bus home mumma?") and hear about her day - I hope (know) she's had a great day... 

(** UPDATE ** I've cross posted a version of this over at B*O*A..... not something I've done before - I'm blaming mummy hormones - and the girlie returned home as enthusiastic as she left it this morning - even if she's a little weary )


  1. Long may she be this enthusiastic!
    A friend of mine says the umbilical cord is NEVER cut.

  2. Greetings to you,

    Though it has been years since either your two children went off to Kindergarten, your daughter seems to have looked upon it as an adventure, while my son was going through angst. On the other hand our daughter did better.

    I am sure that the lack of concentration was the reason for reworking and reworking over and over again, because your thoughts were with your daughter. Tomorrow will be a better day, but as a parent we cannot help but be with our children in spirit, regardless where they are and regardless how old they are, when we are not with them.

    Warmest regards

  3. Once a parent, always a parent. Lovely that your little girl enjoyed her first day. Our "Little Big Sister" still only 21 months, is desperate to go to preschool and her mother is soon going to give her a test run for a day. It will be interesting to see if she still thinks it so desirable when left alone but she is incredibly sociable and capable - it will be her Mum who is frantic all day I suspect. Your calligraphic preview looks beautiful. I am finally getting somewhere with my B*A*O book and may even be brave enough to take photos soon.
    May you have some rain soon to fill those dams and the creek. Carol

  4. Hi Ronnie, lovely post about your children and your calligraphy... It must be strange now your last one is at school! I've only seen one of mine go to school (when I inherited my stepson - who is gorgeous - he was already at school), and it was such a tug. In fact with Ella all her 'stages' were poignant because I knew I wouldn't see them again. Anyway, I'm commenting here because my 'camping' setup for some reason won't let me comment on BookArtObject posts, which is a bit frustrating. I guess your life will be progressively re-shaped as your children grow up and need less direct help, but as the parent of a 22-year old I know they never entirely go away which some days can be a blessing AND a curse! Sara x


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx