Wednesday, November 25, 2009

finding a free moment

Last weekend I finally got to attend the postponed paper marbling workshop with Joan Ajala in Sydney. Despite appalling heat I had a brilliant time reconnecting with the skill of watercolour marbling that I first encountered in a week long workshop with Margo Snape waaaayyyyy back when...

I'm trying to find a few moments to share a highlights of the weekend but life is conspiring to keep me away from the blog at present - so I'll just give the sneak peak of a sample I posted at Book Art Object

(the paper is a stormant design - I've created for the forthcoming book-art-object group project)

and when I can resurface from the mountain of pressing obligations before me I'll show a few more bits and pieces....


  1. Just had a surprise phone call from Joan Ajala and she's coming to spend a day with me. Joan & I used to be "tub mates" years ago when we did marbling workshops with Vi Wilson in Qld. Joan went on to become a professional marbler and I've remained a dabbler.

  2. I am always and never amazed at the interconnections that occur at all times - I know the name Vi Wilson in relation to calligraphy - her work was featured in one of my beloved early calligraphy manuals...

    oh and as your comment came trickling in - I'm working on a proper post about the workshop - Joan was such a dear!

  3. Vi is still producing wonderful calligraphy, is a brilliant and generous marbler and as if that's not enough, she's an amazing photographer. She's been a great friend to Joan and to me for many years.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx