Thursday, April 9, 2009

lake light sculpture... and me

I've had one of those stupidly, impossibly busy days today - topping off a stupidly, impossibly busy week, month, year...

Yes I'm nastily over-committed at the moment - this morning I had to attend an ABaF (Australian Business arts Foundation) workshop in Bega - which I had to leave early (of course) to rush off over the mountains to Jindabyne (2 hours away by car from Bega) to install 'Ex Libris' for the Lake Light Sculpture show

We arrived with under an hour before the deadline... and quickly got into gear - FP had to travel the whole way up with the work's steel rod denying him a quick getaway from the car (hee hee hee - once you have your slave labour force in the vehicle - make sure they stay there!) There is no way that I can ram the steel rod the required distance into the ground - this one is down more than a 30cm in dry hard soil so lugging FP was essential.

And here it stands! all done in time... I am thrilled with the site and the way the piece works - I only had a diagram and a google earth satellite view of the potential sites - I've never actually been to Jindabyne before today (yes sad I know) - I mostly was keen to have a site that had something by way of a tree/s... this position exceeded my expectations - just look at the specimen on my patch - and how about the boulders!

in the opposite direction is this....

Jindabyne Lake (looking rather low - I was shocked to see the marks of the usual water level and where it is at the moment...)

So I gave 'Ex Libris' a quick hug (you get a fair idea of it's size...and mine! from this shot)... and we were off again - we will be returning on Easter Monday to pick it all up and bring it all back down the mountain... whether it makes it through the predicted damp weather or not!

Oh if I get the chance to actually see all the show before each artist picks up their gear I'll drop a line - from my vantage it looked verrrrrrry interesting...

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