Thursday, February 12, 2009

launching calligraffia

Like most Aussies I've been transfixed (and not in a good way ) over the past week by the weather - and the utterly indescribable devastation of the bushfires of Victoria. There have been nasty fires in my area as well - but it pales into insignificance in comparison to the loss experienced down south.

It has been difficult finding the energy to focus on anything else - and I have had somthing really quite special to be focusing on....

some of you eagle-eyed creatures may have noticed the tentative emergence of a new blog (I'm now the mum of 3 bouncy baby blogs... well sort of... read on...)

Tonight along with fellow Aussie calligraphers Gemma Black and Julie-Ann Williams I'm releasing Calligraffia into the wwworld.

I'll admit Calligraffia was initially born out of one of my wild 'what-ifs'... in this case - 'what if we joined together terrific calligraphers from around the globe with a wonderful blog - where we could share everything wonderful about our shared passion - calligraphy'?....

and bless 'em these two said..... 'oh yeah... what if!'

its taken a bit of time to get our baby ready - and wow what a birth!

we decided to properly launch to coincide with the first anniversary of the Apology to Australia's Indigenous Peoples - and with good reason.

If you trundle over to Calligraffia right now you can wallow in the gorgeousness of our first post - the making of the Apology manuscript...

(detail from Apology manuscript - calligraphy by Gemma Black)

I'm hopeful that Calligraffia will become a blog of excellence - where visitors will have a smorgasbord of calligraphic tidbits - as our byline describes: 'news, views, reviews, interviews and how-tos' - all from the world of calligraphy - trust you travel over there - and enjoy (let us know what you think - and if you've got something calligraphic to share - drop us a line at

now - I suppose I just have to do something about these stretch marks.... oh and I'm going to have all these youngsters vying for my attention... goodness whatever was I thinking!

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