Friday, September 12, 2008

how to teach a wombat

I'm something of a magpie and have strange and ever growing collections of 'things' (read 'junk') - an activity that my family find harmless despite being somewhat unruly (what would I do without sheds?)

One of the largest parts of my 'collection' are my old books - encyclopaedias in particular (just can't resist a Rotary book sale) This week I started to play with some of my old sets.

And with one thing leading to another (as it does at Sams Creek) I decided to share part of my collection with a resident wombat... leaving them a volume of the Britannica (open to the 'wombat' entry of course) for them to peruse and add any wombat thoughts to...

I'll keep you posted of any developments in human/wombat, wombat/human education

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