Friday, April 4, 2008

sarah joins the sams creek crew

This is Sarah - our 10 week old border collie who joined our crew last week - and has already notched up her first kill (the screen door).... Let's hope it's her last.

She is very sweet, very smart, very fast.... I'd like to say 'a lot like me really....' but then you know I'm just flat out lying..... on all accounts!


  1. Congratulations on Sarah, we have our own in house border collie here at HML headquarters (muji) cannot tell you how much we love him, but yes they really really REALLY need some 'discipline' as puppies as my sorely depleted shoe collection can attest to...
    Sarah is absolutely delightful and i'm sure will adore having all that space to run around in!!!

  2. adorable she may be - wicked she definitely is! and as for discipline... after her initial conquests she has moved on to eating more shoes than I thought we owned, half of my herb patch and the satellite tv cable (twice). She is also now much larger (more space for wickedness to reside) - I will need to find her some more constructive jobs around the farm and studio!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx