Saturday, February 9, 2008

and another bit from 2007

'all steamed up'
vegetable steamer, paper, wire, silk organza, glass bead, embroidery thread

this piece went to books.07 at noosa regional gallery last year - it's the second time I've had a piece selected for the show - the first was 'labour' for book.05. It was difficult to pack and I didn't hold out much hope of it returning home in one piece (I send most stuff just through the post!) but hey it travelled just fine...

I've since noticed this piece turned up in flikr... geez but it annoys me when folk take pics of your work without permission - and then upload them like crazy! in a regional gallery no photography other than official stuff is supposed to be allowed.... That annoyance turned into my plan to claw back control of the showing of my stuff on the internet - ie I created my website and this blog and a cranky expression to deal with the vast amount of stuff that's out there without my knowledge or say so.

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